In order to be able to make a significant change in  our economical system we need a number of things.

1: A concensus that it is achievable.

2: An orientation on individuals that made a start in efforts to develop models of change. 

3: A coordination in the production of additions to the evolving system.  

4: A choice to persist with laughter, gratitude and joy.

This site merely shows and reports about the model developed for the Iatai [;a group of  people].



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For Haruki & Hanna,  Gaston Gaitan & Susan,   Daniël & Sara  and  for Rosa Koster ; who i will see again,  tomorrow.  

In the picture a volunteer with the basic ingredients to the model. On his left arm: a watch.   On his T-shirt and on the tube [ in right corner below] a button, in front of his knee an article called Reiyuha.       The tube is called IGABA.   Concerning the name-giving and such refer to the background info under "Previous Site ".


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Silverがわけ知りのもののままでいて、金が感情〔感覚〕のままであること。 そして 彼が加えたか ものが 調査結果で紫のものの両方でした



最も高くHesaを見て、あなたのウェブサイトの中に間違いがあると言いました. 最も高いことは、私があなたの生命〔生活〕のマネージャーであると言いました. Hesaが言った " AI 私が間違っていた 

そして忘れないでください:  真実は彼の側に滞在します   


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Forum Questions

TD:005.401.463'1'45:49 :      Does a television make you complain about the world ?

TD:005.313.422'2'21:50 :      仙台のコップ1杯のミルクのコストは何ですか

TD:005.310.172'1'03:40 :      Tpc-Da ? 

TD:005.309.232'3'20:36       Do you also live in an enviroment where people spontaneously start to tell, without asking anything ?


TD:005.308.122'3'24:53       Did Keiju have something to drink during the last 7 hours ?



Forum announcement

Ole-6.302.46(6-3) Ole-Ni.09'00"

Due to incident at Forum 51°12’33.73”N 005°56’37.84”E  instruction guideline “3’T’4 forum meeting”.
~!: The NA of this Forum is to be addressed _in her presence_ after the next mimatsuri with a 3xNU speech of gratitude for activities performed for the group, listing the moments of joy _provided by the NA_ before this lady stepped down from her position in this Forum.  (the ladies name may be known as "Margo")
1F: The introduction of Tchi-Ka-Ti-me (translated to English “word-time”, indicating the amount of speech time forum members may claim to be assigned to their position in the forum).
[The time-unit “NU” is explained as 450 seconds elsewhere].
Silence as well as CGI’s range to address, confine in a Tchi-Ka-Ti-me of 1 NU.
Production matters result under PA the Tchi-Ka-Ti-me confines in 1 NU.
Organization issues result under Fi the Tchi-Ka-Ti-me confines in 1 NU.
No guideline concerning content of subject of the NA. The Tchi-Ka-Ti-me confines in 3 NU.

“3’T’4 forum meeting” is thus defined as a gathering with a maximum of 45 minutes .




    A-DA-I  adding:    " "   {English:" ", Dutch: " ","Italian:" ";Tagalog;" ";Japanese:" "}          open in next tab   => GoogleTranslate

  " Whe"   {English:"when", Dutch: "wanneer","Italian:"quando";Tagalog;"kailan";Japanese:" いつ"}


SiAi  as Si-Komi where Si-Komi relates to the mind-felt SiAi relates to the Heart-felt.


Walang anuman    {English:"you are welcome", Dutch: "graag gedaan"}


iki(i/a) do-né tida  = I gave you my time

TaiGa    The better me        

iGa        The one I was before



Gi-Ta    Text-file without question


Wi        Couple/Duo {male-female}/{(fe)male-(fe)male}

Wi-ni     Partners (as in 'you and me'); Me & the person I represent

Wi-san    Trio (as in 'you,me &(s)he'); Me & the 2 persons I represent

No-Wé-Yu  Random composition of 4 persons as of age-group 2 {;>14y of bio-age}

Wi-Go     5th person in western grammar. {'we'-Englisch,'nous'-French,'Wir'-German,'noi'-Italian,'wij'-Dutch}

"iKi(i/a) Wi-Go" Me & the 4 persons I represent


Ma-Wi   Connected{married} couple without child(ren)

Ma-Wi-u Connected{married} couple with child(ren)


Ku-Wi-u Single{parent} with child(ren)


in TiDa Si KoTai-i-Dé   In time you will remember.


YoGo-i                  Trust   Vertrouwen Fiduchia


Komi-no BaNi-no Wi-ni Meké 3Dpana


Mu-Re-Da (Mu-TiDa ---.x01.21) 'Mothers-day'


'Holon' [verb;]"demonstrate example"


Tchi-Ka No-Ka-e   "it is a word not known by women".


'Mu-Na-Tcha' [article] see image 'metal cup'


Tchi   wise

Tcha   wise


[editor's note: above is no typing  error.... if you read to read, stop reading. (Go help someone). If you read to learn, translate what you read to understanding about what is obvious (& clear) in Ada-i.]


Tcho   keen/clever/handy

Tché   good/well find/creative







           "Ja-Pa-N"         {English:"better", Dutch: "beter", Italian:"meglio" Japanese:"より良い", Russian: "лучше"}

           "Ku-Ji"         {English:"People", Dutch: "Mensen", Italian:"Uomini" Japanese:"人達", Russian: "люди "}

         "A-na"          {English:"Level", Dutch: "Niveau", Italian:" Livello" Japanese:"レベル" , Russian: "  уровень "}

        " BeLGaO "      {English:"Tribe", Dutch: "Stam", Italian:" Tribù" Japanese:"部族" , Russian: " племя "}

        " Tsja-nai ! " {English "Repugnant", Dutch "Weerzinwekkend", Greek "απεχθής", Chinese "令人厌恶" , Maori "Rereke"}

        " Sa-wa " {Dutch "'t gaat wel",French "ça va"Japanese "それは大丈夫だろう"Russian "ён збіраецца ў парадку" }

        " Komi-nu-nai-té " {English:"Thank you for being available",Japanese:"利用可能であることのためにありがとうございました"}

        " Komi-nu-tida "   {English:"Thank you for your time", Japanese:"お時間をいただき、ありがとうございます"}

        " Tchika-nee "   {English:"I don't know", Dutch: "Geen idee","Italian:"Non lo so";Japanese:" 私は知らない"}

        " UTchi-KaT "   {English:"T-word-Time", Dutch: "T-Spreektijd","Italian:"Durata di parole al T";Japanese:"T 音声時間 "} 

        " Dana "      {English:"classroom", Dutch: "klas", Italian:" Classe" Japanese:" 教室" , Russian: "Класс"} 

        " Su-kra-ki " {English:"persistance", Dutch: "doorzettingsvermogen", Italian:" abilitá di insistere" Japanese:" 永続化"}

        " Teri Tori "      {English:"sole", Dutch: "voetzool", Italian:" pianta" Japanese:" 足裏" , Russian: "подошвы" }

        " Ofurain de "    {English:"offline [left chat-mode]", Dutch: "offline [tijdelijk teruggetrokken]", Japanese:" オフラインで " }

        " Tu meke "       {English:"to make", Dutch: "maken", Japanese:" 構築" , Russian: "В строительстве" }

        " KiKada "       (TD (x)y03.13) {English:"Parents day", Dutch: "dag v/d ouders", Italian:" giornata dei genitori

        " KoKeda "       (TD (x)y06.25) {English:"Children's day", Dutch: "dag v/d kinderen", Italian:" giornata dei bambini

        " Tchi des Kanai dé " {English:"the wisdom of a woman is required",  Japanese:" 女性の知恵は必要とされます" }

        " Koin-dé "        {English:"Hello", Dutch: "Hallo", Japanese:" こんにちは" , Hindi: "हैलो", Russian: "Здравствуйте" }

        " SinTo "           {English:"logical /or/ 'makes sense'", Dutch: "Logisch", Japanese:" 意味を成します " }

       " ShinTo konai dé " {English:"it must mean something",  Japanese:" それは何かを意味するに違いないです" }

       " Ada-i ne ka-i " {English:"you express yourself in Ada-i ?", Dutch: "kent u termen in Ada-i ?" }

       " CgiNa-No " {English:"you are not my parent", Dutch: "U bent mijn ouder niet", Japanese:" あなたは私の親ではありません " }

        " NonTo "         {English:"nonsense ", Dutch: "Onzin", Italian: "sciocchezza ",Japanese:" ナンセンス " }

       " Tidasekona "  {English:" Today we remember ",  Italian: " Oggi ricordiamo ",Japanese:" 今日私たちは思い出します" }

       " Prèsara "        {the distribute of (DSP-) participation share} 

       " Apo-o "           {the longer set of three apo's / sticks}                 " Apo-é "   {the shorter set of three apo's / sticks}

       " Dama-so "       {English:" It is written ",  Italian: " E scritto " ,Hindi: "यह लिखित",   Japanese:" 書かれます" }

       " Yumigo "        {English:"Simplicity",   Italian: "Semplicità" ,  Hebrew: "פשטות",  Japanese:" 単純さ " }

       " Hu-wa-yu " reply to {English: "How are you",  Italian: "Come stai", Hebrew: "איך אתה", Japanese:" あなたはどうですか"}

       " Shin-da-da-nee "   {English:"It doesn't make sence",  Italian: "non fa senzo" , Dutch: " 'k snap d'r geen zak van." }





TD:005.408.463'3'37:48  Calendar indication as 5.408.4-Yaida,keira-san’18:34 . Hour indication to Da-ra-[ra/ich/ni/san]. Yaida,keira-san can be pronounced as Yai-kei-san. 06:45h speaks as Ole-oka-ni.  Minutes are added & pronounched in the local languages.

TD:005.408.463'3'19:43  Individuals which are not a parent cannot occupy a forum role without the written consent of a CGI. 

TD:005.402.215'2'37:27    An [gender]-Ka may consider him/herself  -Ki  merely with the person with whom children were conceived.  This only once the partner is willing to verbalized him/herself to be a –Ka.  No other interested  or attracted can be ‘made’ –Ka than the ones within gender and age group of the -Ka.    

TD:005.401.324'2'50:32   All products may remain identified by their own name in the existing languages. New products brought to the market are to be given two names.  One in Ada-I and one as translation to the local language.     


TD:005.311.172'2'14:45  " The Gate is closed".  


It will not be permitted to Yanai to travel to the Munatama to re-open the gate. 

The good news is that our race may continue to exist.   The bad news is that we will not be permitted to climb a level.

The reason is yumigo. There has not been a required individual within the time limit to come to the T in the house of Yanai. 

The human race preferred to consider the individual in such a fassion that he was ignored and therefor left alone.

In the some seventy years that proceeded the events of week 14 2009 the individual played an utmost important role.

None on this planet showed any recognizion. None has ever given the individual the support he would have needed. 

It was not he who ordered the donation. And it is not his responsability that it has not been made.

The Gate is closed. 

The knowledge related to this subject will soon be erased from Hesa's mind.         Shin-da-da-nee to contact Henk Luth anymore.