My Diary Log

Date: 24 jun 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 13:52. TD: 005.402.413'1'52:38

Tumbled upon a website a few days ago which is definately worth while. The maker of it uses the nick-name 'Anne'.  Wrote 

an email ;

Dear Anne,


I discovered your activity on the web.

There is a truth.... and we can feel it. If 'the truth' alines with the will, there is nothing to worry about.

but believe me... i worried.

I sense ,,, and feel that you are not the kind of person which would deliberate try to damage something like Mahikari but are concerned with all those which have come to help from a sincere longing for a better world.


I have been initiated in the Art in 1980 and after lots of up and downs i became 'the Gardner' of the Shidobu Europe/Africa [in Luxemburg] in 1987. I left this role in 1990 but stayed in Luxemburg till june 1993.


In 1993 i attended the visit of Oshie Nushi sama to Luxemburg and Paris and believe to be one of the very few 'insiders' of an event which happened at Luxemburg in the beginning of May 1993, shortly after the arrival of Oshienushi.

Shortly before her prayers, there was a man which placed an article on the shrine. It contained a box with some sort of manifest.  In Paris the [then] Shidobutcho announced [in the presence of Oshinushi !];"there has been a new message", referring to the manifest.


As the man who placed the specific article seemed in some kind of shock / trance-like state of mind, i decided to go to Italy with him.   I got to know him and keep a great deal of his work.  

In the teachings of Okada [himself] is an announcement 'there would be an other person which will bring additional teachings'.

After many years i stopped my struggle to get the attention that i needed. [.... you know; Reisho before you know] but i couldn't stop thinking about it really. In 2006 [a year after the founding of my [one man] business of reproduction of some of the articles left to me] i decided to deposit 'everything' on the web, in the hope it would reach whom it may concern. I had a postcard made in 2009 and sent it to some 25 Dojo and Shidibu around the globe.

As there has not been any feedback i started to add things concerning the economical model on 'new pages'.... well... i just thought that you and others in your blog should know this.

As far as I understood, the article is linked to something much larger and these things should be build.


I would hope you have the courtesy to confirm reading this mail. And if you wish could you tell me where you are located [which country] and whether you could access these sites  [to find a confirm remote persons ought to be able to reach the site] x.htm the old pages .... in case you would like to know what i took a stand for. ml the new pages .... in case you would like to know what i'm working at. and .... in dutch [my [poverty creating ]enterprise].


I don't know if you are on facebook but my name on facebook is: Henk Luth. 


Thank you Anne



the postcard made in 2009

and added a short thing as 'comment' on to a blog ;{Japanese do not know 'God' as we [in 'the west'] do. They have an awesome different relation to 'KAMI' which is translated to 'God'. Don't confuse yourself. 'KAMI' is also 'the understanding of laws and mechanism of nature / natural order'.In order to understand something of Japanese ethics, you have to understand [a lot] about these orders, otherwise they will simply look down on you and some feel free enough to do with you what they want. Japanese culture doesn't have any relation with 2000 years of Christian tradition. So you cannot compare 'God' with 'Kami'. Japanese consider it normal to think :"If you don't know, then you'll find out & if you don't ask [in the hierachy] then you don't deserve to know". We can only link this to Christian Tradition in Jesus's words 'Ask and you will be given'.Japanese have no relation with Jesus, Moses or Mohammed. If they want to understand something about them, they will ask hierachy highest. Their need to bring 'the message of a new civilization' across 'the world' lead to compromises. They TRANSLATED the word Kami. But how can you translate somebody elses interpretation of a word ?. I think it is fair to say there is [already] a different civilization in Japan, compared with 'the west'. One of the differences is that men in 'the west' consider each other 'source of inspiration' while in Japan men simple do what hierachy highest says. }

and then another;{By the way, where is the freedom of speech in "All comments must be approved by the blog author." Does that look like 'the blog author' takes the place of 'hierachy highest ?'. ...}

he responded with:{Don't worry Henk.The Moderate function is used to avoid spam, not to censor discussion. Also, thanks for your email. Sorry, but I'm really busy with other things right now.

Wrote him another email titled:'Thanks for placing the comment';

Hello Anne,


Thanks for placing the comment. I consider it as 'contact with somebody' and made me feel _for a moment_ less alone, with all the things I know about this story.


I still hope you have the courtesy to confirm reading this mail. And if you wish could you tell me where you are located [which country] and whether you could access these sites  [to find a confirm remote persons ought to be able to reach the site]. x.htm


If you consider it Okay, i would like to ask you to insert this link somewhere on your site. There may be some who can find inspiration and some who can find answers.


Thank you for trying to take care of hurt and damaged kumite.




The enthousiasme of having found a place to share led to the next addition to the blog-site.:                                               To Anne: made a link on to
and would like to leave you with this article. As you are really busy with other work... I have to feed my children too. Thanks [again] for your efforts and work.

Somewhere in the year 641 BC 'the Sword' was given to the Japanese. In 1993 'The T' was given to the Japanese. If the Japanese destroyed "this gift", they have taken that decision. All I can say is that if they have done so, there will not be any Farao [equals Sumeramikoto equals 'hierarchy highest'] ever again; and there will never be an institution held accountable for what is happening on this planet.

OshieNushiSama has seen the article. Then it happened. And that is what counts in the Timeless History of Men. And she may have seen the postcard, that i don't know. I don't care if they call it 'the gift of Amon-Ra' or something like that. In 200 years .... most of us will be forgotten. But the Sword has not been. And the T will not be. That is what you may know already. We gave the man who placed it comments and forgot about him. Were unhappy about proceedings and protocols. As if the mature in 500 years from now would have anything to do with our interpretation about 'how things should have been'. You could ask a Japanese whether the one who was given the Sword was 'unhappy about proceedings and protocols' when it was given to them. Was the one who placed it on the shrine an Artist Freak Prophet Messenger God or Demon. Or was he just a sincere truthful and innocent man. You merely show yourself in the words you chose......Yes, You can think about it.... then that is what the T is there for; to come together and focus the attention on a question. 

So.... even if I get kicked out of any Renrakusho or Dojo concerning this; i want to know where it is. And I can ask 'hierarchy highest' present; then he may know that it is there. If they still think that I attack them, then they still think in the wrong [adverse way]. Then I don't, I do not intend harm. I merely long to give it back to the ones who gave it to me. And of course... there is the other option.... I can give them a replica. But that will never be the same thing..... and for Christ sake (!) it is not a divine thing; it is a tool !;from a medium level of civilization. Not exactly like a screw-driver.... but that's an other thing to inquire about.

"Intelligent races do not destroy what they do not understand. They are curious about those things, and grateful for the provocation of feeling and thought." [quote]

Question asked [for twenty years already] is "where is the T ?". And we can answer in an approximate 1600 different languages [among which Japanese]. A wake-up call from beyond the skies.....; we do not even have 1 word in common for the planet that we live on. Because we are to busy quarrelling in a duality mode of which we cannot set ourselves free. .... "Intelligent race".... 'Theh'.... No wonder they consider us ridiculous.

and he wrote: "This is tricky. If someone submits a comment that seems to be primarily intended to promote their own website and beliefs, is that a form of spam? Maybe yes, maybe no. Henk, I feel that is what your latest comment is doing and so, I'm sorry if I've hot this wrong, but I've not published it."

Unfortunately I didn't backup the now pending / or not addition to the site called 'After Mahikari', where i met Anne.

What I wonder about is: Would he consider it 'a form of spam' if i would inform him there was a man called Okada who sold omitama in order to get the financing done of a project called Suza ?. Then he said that i try to promote 'their own website and believes'.... hmmm. I don't feel like that. To my mind i don't. ..... I make replica's of the things given; Some people leave bread, other oppinions, other inventions behind. All i wish is to leave children something behind with which they can help others and in which they may invest time, to make it grow and make it better.

Now concerning the invitation 'to try to work together' in the now pending / or not addition I would have to decide whether i continue searching for Anne.

Let's see.... how many questions did i put him.     [i do not realy consider questions on the blog question directed to him] 

"hope you have the courtesy to confirm reading this mail":    was confirmed.

"if you wish could you tell me where you are located [which country]:    no respons

"whether you could access these sites  [to find a confirm remote persons ought to be able to reach the site]" : no respons

"I still hope you have the courtesy to confirm reading this mail. And if you wish could you tell me where you are located [which country] and whether you could access these sites  [to find a confirm remote persons ought to be able to reach the site]." : still : no respons

"If you consider it Okay, i would like to ask you to insert this link somewhere on your site. There may be some who can find inspiration and some who can find answers." : no respons

Within the order of OFI, I can see that there is 1: confirm 4: no respons.  

could decide thus to leave the person [ that is: pay no more attention to him]. 

...Hard than i feel Anne is not self-interested and cannot be blamed for offending the order of 4, as he is not used 

to answer questions..... Decide to stick around in order to discover any of his wisdom..... seems okay to me.

Yet, people who do not know the order of 4 do not know how to maintain confidence, either.

 So, I shouldn't have confidence in asking him whether he will cooperate in 'could you sent me the comment back per email if you are not going to use it on your site'. That makes me a little sorry for an other thing that is thrown away. I would have liked it on this site too;...... my mistake not to be able to translate that comment into Japanese. Sorry.

Added on Date: 25 jun 2011.Time: 15:33. TD: 005.402.423'3'33:34 

Well, The "the now pending / or not addition to the site called 'After Mahikari'," has been placed as well. (Thank you Anne.)

so after Anne's "I'm sorry if I've hot this wrong, but I've not published it."[edited to: I'm sorry if I've got this wrong...] 

next was published:{Very well Anne, I merely intended to come to a concensus of trying to work togeteher. I'll leave the link to this site on the site i will not mention again if that is Okay with you. You wish to know what i believe ?; Anything that will help to reach 'the goal'. You remain free ofcourse, to consider that a Western or Japanese attitude. I already made my choice there.} on june 23. 

On june 24: {Anne, I like your site. The amount of things to read is fantastic. I'm very sorry but for 10 years of my life i've made an effort to learn [as yokoshi] and I feel great being on a kind of 'filtered chat-room' with others which at least know words as 'hansho, ittaika, sunao' for these words became an integral part of my thinking. There are not many people in my enviroment with which i can speak and feel good. For they do not know the words that i consider important. Isn't it purpose of this [edited: your] site to provide a platform to former kumite ?. If I am caught in a doubt of "Maybe yes, maybe no" i've learned to say "AI"....wasn't that the task of Okada ? to teach me that ?. I know Anne that this afternoon i will play with children on the playground between the houses here. But can you tell me where to sent an other [former] kumite too, which seems stuck in his orientation. Let me be Daihi with you and tell you there is AI between your site and my site. Owarimas.}

and to another person writting on this Blogsite: {To 'anonymous /june 23': I agree. Hindi know 'it' to be there and [some] understand themselves to be 'atman'; part of 'it all'; Brahman. Once we realize there is as much sence in comparing christianity with buddisme, as there is in comparing hinduisme with shintoisme, Sumeigodo [as mission/word] makes sence. Don't you think so ?}

and about ' translate that comment into Japanese. Sorry.'.... Sorry ... ; have to sell IGABA today. 

Otherwise i will not be able to make a donation.   Capice ?

Date: 10 jun 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 23:11. TD: 005.402.215'3'11:25

With the presentation of Ga-Mé it has become possible to visit the house of my neighbour. Apo-i is meant for male and Apo-A 

is meant for female !! So I can explain Apo-i to the man and Apo-A to the woman. Now I can go to any random house and 

hope to be able to form a group of three couples ! Then the male can do and the female can do ! Bekomi Dan, Bekomi Dan, 

Bekomi Dan.                                                                                                                          .......... if they want ......ofcourse.

Date: 09 jun 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 14:26. TD: 005.402.173'2'26:25

Since a few days i have the [growing stronger] feeling; 'a premonition', there will be a new / or a next ''Turning-point".

I'm hesitative on the verbal level as I don't know yet what it relates to exactly.  Shouldn't confuse, so,  remember to go 

to a 3'T'4 this week. ...... and concerning "a new / or a next"..........You're no longer supposed to know, anyway.  

Date: 04 jun 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 16:34. TD: 005.402.124'0'34:37

And I would like to wispher in her ear:

"Sono di tenere il prova dell'alleanza rinnovata tra il padre ed il figlio e la madre e 
la figlia nella mia casa. E devo attendere finché potrei darlo a un piccolo gruppo 
di sette uomini e due donne. Potrei sembrare strano, ma questa è la maniera 
che deve essere, prima che siamo permessi di procedere." 

but I do not feel allowed. 

Added on Date: 09 jun 2011.Time: 17:08. TD: 005.402.174'1'08:47        

Once the above [written in Italian] would have been, the role of Fi might be given to a woman.

Ofcourse you may continue to ignore. And you may even be happy doing so, for it will not be your task, to recognize. 

and ofcourse you may continue to pretend the representative of the Universal Council is a fraud and has to show obedience 

to you.  And you may even be proud doing so, for it will not be your task, to ask the Hada-Questions.

Without the option to bounce the "Time" signal [with "the donation"], progress is made very, very difficult.      For all of us.

Date: 31 may 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 23:10. TD: 005.401.455'3'10:36

Some weeks ago I did some research on an old friend of mine and discovered that he had passed away. I still cannot get over the remorse it gives me, not being able to see him once more. Especially while I did promise him that "I would come back.

I never mentioned that the inside-cover of the reference-book contains the following phrase: “This writing seeks to answer Michaelangelo Mayorana and is dedicated to the friends of humanity, the family of Okada and the inhibiters of the house …….. of David”. 

Allow this addition. “With this line _here_ I seek to recognize the work of Monsieur le Comte: Gaston d’Ansembourg and     with this line I hope to express my gratitude to him [and his wife], as he has made his effort to be a friend of humanity”.

Date: 30 may 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 22:49. TD: 005.401.445'2'49:02

Wrote two things recently

A letter based on a potential encounter with a [female] 'Culture-coach Enschede' which i would call a CE [; not a CIa !]

"Maybe it is time to read a book. Or write a book, in this study which I consider _like many men before me_ slowly, slowly becoming a tomb.

We are human beings and we do not like each other. The prove of this is our economic system. Yet _as we do not have    

the alternative at hand_ we don’t know what to do.

As a race we live on a planet with 6.968.056.753 inhibiters on May 30,2011 at 20h:50m. 

And we claim to be ‘intelligent’.                            So far 56.959 species died out  this year.

The western world uses _in general spoken_ English to speak with and we continue to communicate in a fashion which 

can be summarized in:  1 : Consider an unfamiliar person to be ignorant.

2 : Question him or her after ‘what they want’ and provide _if possible_ that goody or service.              

There are no places where three men can sit down to contemplate. And there are no men which could be considered:  

responsible for all this. With nearly 7 billion inhibiters there is no intelligence apparently which dares to challenge the

way in which we organize and postpone the collapse of our world with cruel destruction of the good-will of the following 

generation or people around us. 

I agree. Homo sapiens is pity full. Too many seem to be in the grip of the self interested environment. 

And only a hand full of people know how to evolve ‘the right of the strongest’ to a less dangerous element in civilization.

The T-plan of Yanai consists out of the presentation of a number of products which may lead to a social network where the

[internet-server] is accompanied by a T-stand placed in a location where those that would like to make a change can be 

gathered.                                         The commercial products are the IGABA and the Apo’s.   

[Together presented with some score-keeping forms as Ga-Mé].

One of the activities at such a T-stand location would consist out of a social training in contemplation. For this the

activity Ga-Mé was forwarded. The first degree of contemplation can be recognized in the triangular conversation

 _presented as Udai.  The second degree of contemplation would emerge in a collective focus on a specific question

raised by a responsible in a group larger than three.

Ga-Mé is shaped in the indoors version as word-letter-game and in the outdoor version as winner(s)-loser(s)

throw-a-stick-activity. It is meant to be brought into the market as a stand-alone activity [ that is to say; related to the

T-plan once grown-up (!) want to learn about the backgrounds of the activity ]. I hope there are those who will like Ga-Mé.

Much effort has been (and should { to} be) put in the conservation of choice of mature men and women.     

     [that is: those men and women with their own conviction of life]. Remember !; their children may correct their error.            

Once there are some who like 10 to 40 minutes Ga-Mé a day , clubs can be made.    

The locations to come together are called Udai-za [outdoors] and Sho-za [indoors]. The T.R.U.S.T. software relates to the 

administrative aspect of a Sho-za. It may be considered a seed from which an alternative economic system may sprout.

In Enschede it is Udai-Wa-Re which is producing the IGABA and Apo’s.     The responsible there is called ‘Henk Luth’.

He can provide you with additional information, as you may require.  

There is a T-stand at the Sibculobrink 24. The location can be visited on Tuesday [09:00-11:30], Thursday [20:00-22:30] 

and Saturday [after calling on 06 4186 0810].

Thank you for reading this.  [..... “Come to the T”]


                                                                                                                               Date: April 11,2011   TD:5.313.15'2'1' 42:39

Dear Sirs,

My name is of little importance, age?; now 55. For many years I studied “ the feeling of Okay “ and it is my firm believe that many people feel many things to be Okay.  Having said so,  there are thus also which consider  things not to be “Okay”.    May this be, for  generations to come.

I  re-produce a product which, according to my [now 5 year old] daughter should be given to ‘everyone’.  I fear she can not overlook the consequence yet ,of what she asked and  therefore limit myself and give it, to those which would like to make a change.  Even though it is a rather small product, it represents to me;  ‘the will to give’, born out those who want to show, they can make a [free] choice’.  If individuals are not offered the freedom to  choose, _not only now but also tomorrow_ our society may never pretend to be able to set itself free, from what some consider  “not to be Okay”.

It has not occurred to me to set ambitions on the level of material richness or spreading my idea’s to become appreciated by women, and face an environment which cannot understand how to help me fulfilling the wish of my daughter. I focus on my task [in life]and have seen that being equipped with very much money merely complicates many in their path. Said differently; I know what my body needs, to feel comfortable with and invest the little means I have in initiatives, children, a household and a car . [As many men without a name].

 If we want to modify things we can only do so in making a compare and choose the thing which to our [generation’s] mind feels better [and thus “Okay”],providing a next generation a possibility to reject or improve.  Additions to the ‘product’ are an organ gram, related to a [any] workgroup and a relative small registration program. Not concerned about patents, I seek  support to allow me to bring the product to the attention of a larger public.

There would be a need of an initial sum in order to make the program work in a specific environment.  I would have to leave it up to your specialist to estimate this amount, which varies. € 10.000 would not be enough in the Netherlands, it would be ‘too much’ in Bangle Desh. The program provides the necessity to return such  ‘from outside’ investments , including a [modest] interest rate.

Summarized, I look for investors in Udai-Wa-Re and would like to meet you in a presentation.  One in which you and your associates can decide about things.

Thank you for reading.



Henk G.D. Luth  ing.

Chairman  Udai-Wa-Re     Enschede, The Netherlands  Tel:0(031)6 4186 0810   mailto:

Date: 25 may 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 19:19. TD: 005.401.364'3'19:19

When wisdom tumbles to stupidity and sadness, it may be, because you hide your innocence and gladness. 

Si !, Gratitude and simplicity may show the way, to set us free, to the ones we would always have liked, to be.

Date: 20 may 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 19:26. TD: 005.401.314'3'26:10

A little boy crawled to his Mother and asked her: "why do you want to make me a sinner Mother ? First you took the appel 

and now you demand a coin ". And his Mother said: " My son !, I took the appel because i wanted to be able to give, and I

demand a coin from you so you can become somebody ". The boy said "Mother, please !, let me become someone who 

gives you, what you need". And his Mother said...."Okay". The boy gave her an IGABA and she looked at it, without asking. 

Then there was a loud voice, and it sounded like the voice of the Father, asking:" Can you finally ask something, Mother ? 

or do you want to become a sinner ?..... again ?!".

The donation to Yanai is canceled. The sofar recieved collected was returned to their various sources with a 3% interest-rate.

Date: 07 april 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 21:16. TD: 005.312.475'1'16:15

Today was the first day i met two men and 1 woman at a table. Today was the first day a man asked for the name of the article called IGABA. A glorious day it was. There is a man in the Netherlands which can pronounce the word IGABA !! 

Still shaken by the developments in the land of Yen... and still Gratefull for your eyes to read this.        Concerning these events i can merely say that it doesn't need to be called Tchi to respect the Council of U ; it may also be called "smart". 

   The donation to Yanai is set to € 21.600.000                                                                  IBAN: NL69INGB0009416120 addition HGD Luth/UYsa

Date: 13 march 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 10:45. TD: 005.312.132'2'45:12

Shaken by developments in the land of Yen...Gratefull for your eyes to read this and sad to know this race is not interested 

in earthquake controle methodes of older races in the universe. 

The donation to Yanai was set to €600.000 in 1993, was multiplied by 18 after week 14, 2009 [€10,8 m] and is to be multiplied by two in week 14, 2011. [€21,6 m]   

 IBAN: NL69INGB0009416120 addition HGD Luth/UYsa

Date: 03 februari 2011. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 09:49. TD: 005.310.372'1'49:25

Went to see this man from the local university some days ago. He was interested in how much i was willing to pay to find  

assistance in exctracting the Trust program from the microsoft office enviroment to a stand on it's own application. I told him 

i could raise some 800 euro for this purpose. Ofcourse it makes me sad, but what can i do in a world where thinking about 

good and bad deteriated in believing that greed justifies the distruction of good will and that those which have no money 

cannot feel. So i feel like offering him 50 euro for his time and leave him a BU.  Maybe one day he may understand a little

something of the values of an Udai-ki. Hope to visit the university of Groningen soon and find someone interested there.

Afterall it was a lot of work to get to this point so why through it away ? ... don't think i'll reach my destiny in throwing things.

Then, yesterday i posted (▼) on an Arabian Blogger Site [...not for fun; I am the responsible for the T on the Sibculobrink 24! and my neighbour [mr. Haddad] feels associated with the arabian world. [Mr. Haddad was born in Syria and as far as i understand he would like to become the Yai of the Arabian Council.... so i am only trying to help him.... okay ?]. 


"And Amon spoke:  Today shall be the day of rest.  Tomorrow at 8 o'clock you shall form groups,  Each consisting of 50 men over the age of 35. Women can stay home,children under 18 will go to school. Youngsters under 35 will step in to ensure public services. This group of mature men will assemble at 9.30 to elect three men. One man will is to be in charge of "production", one man will be in charge of "organisation".  The third man will overlook both others and be responsible for the rest  and progress within the group. This man can obtain some additional guidelines on  The vote about which man obtains which position will take place at 10:45. At 11:00 hours the three men will choose a woman. The woman will be the spokes woman for all women related to the group. At 11:30 you will assemble. Those in charge of procuction of one  group will meet those in charge of production of another group. 1st target of a local forum [the 4 elected] is to provide a meal to all members of the group at 19:30. When the time to sleep has come, you will go to sleep. In peace. If your forum failed in providing, you will elect another forum. And Amon spoke: It is not that I want this. It is will be because you need this.

Please translate to your language  "

What i do not understand is why they do not seem to understand statement 111."The 'carrier' field is immaterial that is to say not tied to the dimensions of time and space. Infinite and timeless. The brain can 'Touch' and this receptive capacity of th....". 

It simply means that after week 14 2009 every individual ''knows" [in it's feeling] what is the collective 'problem' and It 

means that our planet will remain speachless if it cannot say AI............. simple; I, Hesa am responsible for the T. That was my task, to make one. The men of the land of ECU can use 3DP and the men of the land of Yen the T stands. If you still have any doubts about the T........ it is "the prove"; the prove of our connection. 

Date: 28 november 2010. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 18:59. TD: 005.308.234'2'59:32

Met a man from the local university and asked him to find assistance in converting the T.R.U.S.T to a Trust.exe program. My wife and I saved enough money now to have the means to pay for this.

Says one inviting planet to an other "Can you invite another ?".  "No" says the invited planet,"We can only think of ourselves". 

Date: 06 november 2010. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 11:13. TD: 005.307.323'3'13:36

Had to change the name of the new website pages to something else than UDAI. Likely because Udai as triologue as such may continue to exist but is not to be confused with additional initiatives.  Added the Q. Like U-da-IQ. da from the Italian off. U remains the same. U from Universal. And I _as will ( )_ turns into IQ as Intelligence Quotient. In other words... Find the Universal will if you want to be recognized as Intelligent.

Date: 03 november 2010. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 15:10. TD: 005.307.263'3'10:41

Should have reported about last Sunday [Okada307.26]. Had my 55th birthday party. Met HenkvdP who doesn't care to show a friend. Later that evening encounterd YacoubH and Freddy? whom i could demonstrate some produkts of Udai-Wa-Re (▼). 

Daphne transferred € 90,- as S on IBAN: NL69INGB0009416120 [giro 9416120 ovv UWR-Trust].                                     Earned 2.86 Tpoints.

Date: 28 oktober 2010. Location: Sibculobrink 24 Enschede, The Netherlands [streetview], Time: 10:55.     TD: 005.307.172'2'55:31

Started this log. If something is worth it, it will be mentioned in this diary. Have less time now; want to amuse my kids. (They have school holidays this week ).


One of the rare pictures of  Sri  Michaelangelo Mayorana



Purpose of these shots is to demystify myself as being a rich or a poor man.  I live in a regular house, using the car on the right in the picture [on the right]. The children I grow up with play regularly on the playground [behind the cars] and _if possible_ the outdoor version of Ga-Mé is practised there too [in the sand]. The Theh and T-stand are placed here, in irregular interval.